Stand Up Paddleboarding

The small surf at Santo Tomas makes it the perfect place to try paddleboarding! Your certified paddleboard instructor will give you a beginner lesson starting on the beach and then proceeding to the water. She will talk you through step-by-step, as you paddle out into the Sea of Cortez. You will experience an amazing workout and exhilaration as you are surrounded by 360 degrees of beautiful, serene water. Some guests have even seen dolphins swimming by while paddleboarding at Santo Tomas Retreats.

The paddleboard lesson includes all paddleboard equipment including paddleboard, paddle, leash and life vest. Your instructor will go over the equipment, water safety, getting started, stroke technique, turns, board control and then will take the guests out on the water for a fun paddle adventure. Paddleboarding is available to guests during our scheduled beach and leisure time on Saturday and Sunday. Be one with nature-with all of its majesty- paddleboard with Santo Tomas Retreats.