M.Ed./ Certified Health Coach

Santo Tomas Retreats Co-Director, Nutrition Coordinator

Hanna grew up enjoying her family’s beachfront property Santo Tomas and now treasures her time here with her husband and their four children.  Hanna grew up as a dancer, studied dance in college and her children share the love of dance and music. Hanna holds a bachelor of arts degree in Education from Arizona State University with specializations in fine arts, Spanish, social studies and an ESL endorsement. She is fluent in Spanish and holds a masters degree in Guidance Counseling from Ottawa University. Hanna has taught and led as an elementary teacher, college instructor and Programs Director and has a passion for improving lives and empowering others through education. Over the last 20 years  Hanna has planned and coordinated many events including reunions, birthday and holiday celebrations and even her own dreamy destination wedding at Santo Tomas! Education and Events provide an outlet for Hanna’s true passion; Health and Wellness. She was a sales representative for natural skincare and spa products for many years. She has studied nutrition for most of her life and she and her family of 6 thrive on a whole foods plant based diet. Hanna is a Certified Health Coach graduating from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute with 2 specializations; Family Health and Prime-Time Health, offering one-on-one coaching, health workshops and nutrition seminars! She enjoys teaching others how to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, how to create simple, delicious and nutritious meals and how to have a good time doing it all!  She loves helping others create a better quality of life through nourishing the mind, body and soul…all while soaking in the serene beauty of Santo Tomas. Hanna ‘s lifelong dream has been actualized in providing health retreats on the property her grandmother acquired nearly 60 years ago- a little piece of Heaven on Earth.

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