What a wonderful weekend w/great friends! The food was so amazing! The beach gave me a sense of peace and relaxation! Thank you for the wonderful experience! Can’t wait to come back.

Jess J.San Angelo, TX

This weekend was beyond amazing. It was so relaxing and peaceful. This was the first time I have tried yoga and am definitely continuing at home. The food was wonderful. It was so tasty and flavorful. I feel so relaxed and ready to make some changes in my own life. Thank you so much!

Laura W.Auburn, WA

Thank you for the time for relaxation & reflection, A perfect place to connect with friends and meet new ones. The food was amazing. The trip to bird Island showed me beauty and wild life up close. I loved the relaxing walks and time on the beach. April is the perfect time to get away from Washington.

Leesa O.Auburn, WA

First time experiencing Mexico, a professional massage, paddle boarding on the ocean, a Mexican coke and a room with a view of the beach! I couldn’t have imagined a better time to spend these first experiences with than at Santo Tomas – luxurious, glamorous, peaceful, and absolutely beautiful. Thank you all for the best time and food!!

Natalie A.Mesa, AZ

The Santo Tomas yoga retreat was the perfect girlfriends weekend getaway and don’t want to leave! We had perfect weather all weekend and beautiful sunrise and sunsets. While the roof top yoga was unforgettable it was the paddle boarding that gave me the most beautiful scene. The sun coming up over the house from my paddleboard out in the Sea of Cortez was a once in a life time experience. The directors were so friendly and accommodating. The food… the trip is worth repeating for the food alone. Yummy! Enjoying a relaxing massage sea side was the most luxurious experience ever. Can’t wait to come back with the kids, the hubby and friends. Reflection!

Kelli D.Gilbert, AZ

Erin & Hanna, Thank you! This was an experience of a lifetime! I am soooo grateful to have been asked to assist with the yoga portion of your retreat. I am honored to have taught side by side with you, Erin! This little corner of Mother Earth is so very beautiful and for your family to share it with the world is very generous and just shows what a wonderful group of people you all are! Your grandmother raised an amazing familia!! Love you all to the moon and back

PS. Hanna you are amazing thank you for all that you do!

Rose V. Tempe, AZ

I was absolutely pampered and loved every minute of this retreat. The oceans calming nature infused into our hearts, our yoga practices and now our lives. Such a breathtaking way to spend the weekend.

Brooke M.Salt Lake City, UT

I went on this retreat not knowing what to expect and not knowing anyone so out of my comfort zone! To my surprise, I relaxed, met wonderful ladies, prayed, meditated, ate amazing food and did I say RELAX? This was a great experience and I will be back to Santo Tomas again for sure!

Kristina G.Chandler, AZ

Thank you so much for a beautiful weekend of relaxation, friendship and healthy eating. I know how passionate you both are about teaching your talents to everybody that you surround yourself. I would love to come again. I will definitely do the paddle boarding again.

Jeanine P.Phoenix, AZ

What a wonderful weekend. So nice to get away from all the hectic things in life and have a chance to relax, eat, do yoga and focus on ourselves. Santo Tomas is such a magical place. It is like one of the world’s best kept secrets. I will be back. The food was amazing, the staff was so friendly. It was a great experience.

Ashley N.Litchfield Park, AZ

What a privilege to spend time with so many gifted and loving souls! The time for talking or silence, the gentle flow of time, and just the right balance of structure and free form really worked for me! Erin, the yoga was amazing and Hanna the food was absolutely delicious!

S.G.Phoenix, AZ

What an honor to be at this heavenly place. As I visit here and look out at the Sea and “See” the beauty. The Beauty of this world is amazing. For 3 days I was blessed with the opportunity to Inhale and Exhale, Love, Peace, Joy, Gratitude, Family and Heaven on Earth. I have Truly Felt Held. The love of family is truly eternal. Trust in the universe ride the wave.

P.S. Erin your whole family is EPIC!

Laura D.Gilbert, AZ

Being here, right now, feels as if I’m flying…gliding through an open window into the ever-growing vast universe. Wide eyed like an owl with my wings far stretched (thanks to some amazing yoga J)…able to hold space for others on this journey. I feel so much love. It is love that is as ancient as creation itself. I am blessed to be a part of this particular experience in Santo Tomas. A week ago, I would not have even really dreamed of this. I am forever grateful. This place and these people are so powerful. Mahalo for the amazing healthy food, conversation, and open-heartedness. MANIFEST. BELIEVE. PERSEVERE.

Danielle D.Scottsdale, AZ

I came with the intention of joy and healing and the retreat at Santo Tomas allowed for the facilitation to experience joy and healing. Great, meditative yoga, (thanks for letting me co-teach), SUP sunrise (cold, but fun!), great company, amazing vegetarian healthy food and beach surroundings. J The Lowe family are beautiful people inside and outside and I am so glad I said yes to Erin last week to take this trip to retreat!

Mary JoTempe, AZ

What a blessing this trip has been. The people who put it on- Yvonne, Erin, Hanna, Marc (and anyone else behind the scenes) have so much heart and give and share their gifts so freely. The weekend has been full of self-care: The beach, the sun, the yoga, the excellent massage by Sasha, the new friendships- everything to fill and refuel the spirit. The food was excellent- I felt spoiled and special in the best way. Thank you for sharing your abundance with us. Many blessings to you!

Natalie D.Spring, TX

Made the trip for some much-needed fun and relaxation with my wife, and we’ve been having a great time all weekend! One of the best massages ever. Yoga was awesome on the rooftop patio. 1st night we saw a few shooting stars and three satellites! Paddleboarding is always an adventure. We saw a baby blue jellyfish who ended up following us we fell in the water. Just a light sting.   This food is AMAZING, I’m done writing because the cashew queso is running low and I need to get it before it is gone! Thank you Santo Tomas Retreats!!

Todd and Shawna B.Chandler, AZ

For my first trip outside of the U.S. I could not have gone to a more life changing place. You and your family are the kindest and most passionate people I know. Santo Tomas is magical and has an energy unlike anything I have ever experienced.


Aaron F.Houston, TX

This weekend was just what I needed! The energy was uplifting, while the companionship, yoga and paddle boarding all nurtured my soul. I feel refreshed, energized and creative again. Thank you for sharing Santo Tomas with us! I can’t wait to come back again!

Much love,

Keri F.Gilbert, AZ

We have one more hour to enjoy today. Soaking up every minute. It has gone by too fast. What an amazing weekend filled with yoga from my favorite teacher…the best food you could ever imagine and plenty of it! Hula hooping and bonding with old and new friends. Surely a memory that will last forever. Already dreaming of when we can return… I love Santo Tomas!


Erin R.Chandler, AZ

Again, and as usual, an amazing wonderful time. The ladies are so friendly, helpful and we have so much fun! First time doing yoga and I think it will help me so much! Thanks for letting me join in as a friend and as the massage therapist.

Delma D.Phoenix, AZ

The Absolutely Best, Best, Best time Ever! I love, love, love the paddle boarding and the yoga is addicting! The FOOD is God sent! And of course, Santo Tomas is magical, renewing, inspiring and Home.

I love you all dearly,

Yvonne C.Ajo, AZ

Santo Tomas is certainly a little piece of Heaven on Earth. Blessings to all who enter. Thank you, Hanna and Erin, for a truly lovely experience!

Love and Peace,

Patty G.Tempe, AZ

What a beautiful trip with some amazing women. We chose to do a private women’s retreat with our best girlfriends. This will be my 4th trip to Santo Tomas, but the first on this trip retreat at this house. We had so much fun. My favorite part was the early morning stand up paddle boarding with the dolphins! They kept playing with us, following us, and interacting with us. This will be a memory that will last forever! The yoga was very relaxing. The food was amazing. The massage was exactly what was needed. We will be back several more times.


Kaelyn H.Show Low, AZ

Thank you so so much for such an amazing trip! It far exceeded my expectations and I knew it would be magical. The vegetarian healthy food was so wonderful and tasty. I know I will be incorporating some of the tips I gleaned from Hanna. The yoga was so great to be able to look at the sea while doing it was exceptionally special. I am glad I tried the SUPing with Erin. I wasn’t planning on it but so glad I tried and even did a few yoga poses with her guidance to boot! The first family of Santo Tomas are just the nicest, kindest people- all with the most generous spirits. This is not surprising given how lovely Yvonne is (La Reina de Santo Tomas). Gracias por todo! P.S. The massage with Mariah was THE BEST ever!!

Jeanine A.Phoenix, AZ

Amazing Trip & Experience – I cannot wait to come back!

Travis M.Gilbert, AZ

“I can see the Milky Way…”

Brittany B.Tempe, AZ

What a magical place filled with the most loving, open, spirited, kind hearted staff! From Hanna and Mark cooking the tastiest healthy food. To Erin opening our minds, spirits and cleansing our bodies with yoga and paddle boarding. To Sasha giving us absolute relaxation and healing hands during our massages. To Yvonne energy, love and peaceful way of being and presence bringing such peace, love and calmness while shinning bright through her loving eyes and warm smile. To Leeanne whose kindness is unimaginable. Thank you all for showing us all such greatness, peace, love and inspiration on this amazing Goddess girls trip! I will definitely be back not only for this magical place (to experience again) but to see our new friends that brought us this experience! OMG so Powerful!

I love you all!

Sheila K.Houston TX.

I came to this beautiful place to relax, refocus and “let go” the most wonderful part of this experience was the ability to do just that in a safe place with other like-minded individuals. My word at the bon fire was LOVE. It describes this weekend perfectly. Hanna, in the kitchen – all the food was prepped and prepared with love. Erin and her love and passion for nature and yoga. And the love I was able to share with my daughter building myself back up and making memories. Thank you!

Karina M.Chandler, AZ

Santo Tomas, Thank you so much for such a wonderful, enlightening and beautiful experience. You have left me with so much love in my “heart” for the people I came with and the people I met. Thank you again and much love to all!!

Suzanne R.Houston, TX

My 2nd retreat and it only gets better. I feel like I really got a chance to recharge my batteries. The food was so nourishing, the yoga so healing, and the environment so peaceful. The Sea of Cortez is truly medicine for the soul. I love it here!


Ashley N.Phoenix, AZ

Hanna and Erin, It is so amazing to see all that you and your family has done to make Santo Tomas such a wonderful experience. I came here to reset with little expectation. I was able to do just that and SO MUCH MORE! Awesome yoga, yummy and nutritious food and the massages were so relaxing and straight SOUL FOOD! Great work! Love you both!


Laura K.Chandler, AZ

Aaaamazing! What a beautiful, magical place full of history, family and love. Santo Tomas is a blessing to all that are lucky enough to visit. Soak in the sun, breath in the air, let the sea wash over you- Surrender! Deep Breath and Dive In. Thank you, Erin, Hanna, Leeanne and Yvonne for welcoming me to your home and retreat. Very Blessed! XO

Tiffany P.Phoenix, AZ

What a delightful and enchanting Goddess retreat! Heartfelt thanks for all of the hard work contributed by all to make this a beautiful slice of HEAVEN! I’m now going home relaxed, more joyful, clear and even more excited about my blessed and sweat journey with my divine. Thank you for creating such a loving and safe space for the insightful revelations that just keep on coming! You are all so precious to me and to the planet! I love you all-

AKSan Francisco, CA

Thank you for sharing such a magical place with me. The feelings and emotions in Santo Tomas are so intensified and are most certainly unforgettable. I cannot wait to return!

RaeAnnHouston, TX

Thank you for our second annual yoga retreat! It was so special to be pampered with all the healing food and yoga and massage. The beautiful beach and nature made it all more amazing!

Keri F.Chandler, AZ

It is our second private women’s retreat with our BEST girlfriends. This time we stayed in a different house, which we love even more! This time we did not see the dolphins on the sunrise SUP trip, however we did see them at our 9am SUP trip! They were amazing as usual! We only saw one blue jellyfish. This trip was a different massage therapist and she was great too. Erin was awesome with yoga. Hanna was amazing with food. All was exactly what these moms needed! Thank you to Santo Tomas for another fab vaca!

Kaelyn H.Show Low, AZ

Erin, Hanna, Marc, Yvonne and all the Santo Tomas family, what an amazing gift you have to share with your friends and family. No doubt the magic of this incredible land will bring joy and unforgettable memories to anyone blessed to walk the journey. Good luck to you all in the growth and expansion. Thank you for the opportunity to embrace all of its beauty, my only regret is I waited so long to come. Peace, love and family.

Amanda M.Hollywood, FL

I enjoyed staying in this beautiful remote beach house for a weekend. This was a very relaxing trip and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be here. Thank you!

Bay M.Chandler, AZ

Yoga/Health Retreat with Erin and Hanna –  So lovely! I came down to do the massages. Great weather, great accommodations, great food, great yoga, great massages (if I do say so myself ;)). It was a truly magical weekend getaway for everyone. Thank you so much I just Love Santo Tomas! It’s Heaven on Earth!

Stacey H.Mesa, AZ

Hanna and Erin, this has been such an amazing experience and I’m grateful for it! Thanks for all of your effort in making these past few days truly magical. If I haven’t laughed so hard and had so many peaceful moments all at once like this before. Love you both and can’t wait to do it again! (Hopefully Soon)

Aubri F.Chandler, AZ

Ladies Yoga Retreat, Erin and Hanna, thank you from the bottom of my heart for hosting this magical getaway. The yoga, the amazing meals, the paddle boarding and of course your gracious and loving energy. Thank you for sharing so many special moments with us and showing us so much of Santo Tomas.

Much Love,

Kendace M.Scottsdale, AZ

Erin and Hanna, Thanks so much for a great weekend filled with relaxation, yummy food, great memories and so much more! Can’t wait for next year!

Darci S.Gilbert, AZ

My two sisters from another mister… The most amazing time…peaceful, full of laughter and fun. Love you both to the moon and back.

Erin R.Chandler, AZ