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Hanna & Erin

Sisters & Co-Directors

Hanna Hinze and Erin Lowe grew up in Arizona with Santo Tomas, Mexico as a home away from home since birth. Santo Tomas – a little piece of Heaven on Earth is 2.5 miles of beachfront property (3,500 acres) that their grandmother Paulina, lovingly called “Mamachita,” acquired nearly 60 years ago.

The beautiful legacy, vision, and community known as Santo Tomás began over 60 years ago with Erin & Hanna’s maternal grandparents, a beautiful young couple named Paulina and Bob. They had a dream to build a ranch and farming community along the breathtaking coasts of the Sea of Cortez. In the early 1960’s, Paulina’s father, Francisco was awarded some land rights by the Mexican Government because of his participation in the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Francisco gave Paulina and Bob the beach front property that is in the area of Desemboque (the delta) where the Rio Acencion enters the Sea of Cortez.

In 1964 the family received the title for the land. Not only was the land a rich part of the Sonoran Desert surrounded by good ranch and agricultural lands, but it included miles of pristine beachfront property. At the time, the couple had two young children and they wanted to name their property after their daughter Yvonne. However, Francisco suggested that they name the land after their three-year-old son Thomas, and so the land of Santo Tomás was officially born. They worked hard to make their dream a reality and soon there was 50 head of cattle, a well, a ranch house, and a windmill. Unfortunately, Bob died at an early age. Paulina continued to build their dream. She envisioned the creation of an entire community that would be fun and safe for families from all around the world to come and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the pristine beach and ocean. Paulina worked hard and in 1971 she invested some money and put in a road over the dunes to the beach. She put in a new well, some ramadas on the beach, and a small country store and restaurant, as well as six cabins.

As young Yvonne and Thomas grew up, they experienced amazing summers and magical times on the beach of Santo Tomás. They could always feel how special this place was and knew they would carry on the dream and adventure their parents had started. During the 1980’s and 1990’s, Thomas took over the maintenance responsibilities for his mother Paulina and became the chief caretaker of Santo Tomás along with his wife, Irma and sister, Yvonne. In 1996, Tom partnered with his sister, Yvonne, family friends Doug and Chris and they began building the current Santo Tomas community. By 2002, they had built new roads, ran first class electrical lines, developed a new water system for the homes being constructed.

The master plan for this community is like a beautiful sculpture which continues to unfold naturally and majestically. Great care has been taken to retain the magical virtues of Santo Tomás that Yvonne and Tom remember from their childhood.

Yvonne’s daughters, Leeanne, Hanna and Erin and sons Teddy and Zach grew up spending every summer playing and exploring the sea, beach and surrounding area of Santo Tomas. With the inspiration from their mother Hanna and Erin have continues the dream.

Their fondest memories growing are having wonderful adventures at Santo Tomas. They grew up with parents who studied nutrition, holistic health and regional ecology, and led an active lifestyle which fostered an instinctual love for healthy living. For years, Hanna and Erin brought friends and family to Santo Tomas to marvel in its beauty, to enjoy time bonding and to be refreshed in this peaceful secluded setting.

The freedom, fresh air, welcoming beach and vast blue ocean created a true sanctuary for these sisters their entire lives and inspired in them a sense of adventure and desire to explore the natural wonders of this beautiful world. Hanna and Erin spent summers traveling, hiking and camping throughout the Southwest United States national and state parks and public lands and exploring the unbeaten paths all around the world. They reveled in the rich history, cultures and natural beauty of each destination!

They’ve dedicated their lives to gaining education and experience in hospitality, education, health and wellness and in crafting destination events mindfully; with purpose and passion.

Now with their health retreats, Hanna and Erin share this revitalizing experience with their treasured guests. Their dream of holding health retreats at beautiful Santo Tomas became a reality over 9 years ago and they’re now expanding to the Southwestern United States. Come join the adventure and retreat with Santo Tomas Retreats.

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M.Ed./ Certified Health Coach

Santo Tomas Retreats Co-Director, Nutrition Coordinator

Hanna grew up enjoying her family’s beachfront property Santo Tomas and now treasures her time here with her husband and their four children. Hanna grew up as a dancer, studied dance in college and her children share the love of dance and music.

Hanna holds a bachelor of arts degree in Education from Arizona State University with specializations in fine arts, Spanish, social studies and an ESL endorsement. She is fluent in Spanish and holds a masters degree in Guidance Counseling from Ottawa University. Hanna has taught and led as an elementary teacher, college instructor and Programs Director and has a passion for improving lives and empowering others through education.

Over the last 20 years Hanna has planned and coordinated many events including reunions, birthday and holiday celebrations and even her own dreamy destination wedding at Santo Tomas! Education and Events provide an outlet for Hanna’s true passion; Health and Wellness. She was a sales representative for natural skincare and spa products for many years. She has studied nutrition for most of her life and she and her family of 6 thrive on a whole foods plant based diet.

Hanna is a Certified Health Coach graduating from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute with 2 specializations; Family Health and Prime-Time Health, offering one-on-one coaching, health workshops and nutrition seminars! She enjoys teaching others how to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, how to create simple, delicious and nutritious meals and how to have a good time doing it all! She loves helping others create a better quality of life through nourishing the mind, body and soul…all while soaking in the serene beauty of Santo Tomas.

Hanna ‘s lifelong dream has been actualized in providing health retreats on the property her grandmother acquired nearly 60 years ago- a little piece of Heaven on Earth.


Certified Yoga & Paddleboard Instructor

Santo Tomas Retreats Co-Director, Yoga Instructor and Paddleboard Instructor

Erin grew up enjoying her family’s beachfront property Santo Tomas and has shared the family dream of holding health retreats there her whole life. She is also a world traveler and adventurer, always looking for the next place to explore and discover. Erin holds a bachelor of science degree in Recreation with an emphasis in tourism management from Arizona State University. Erin has always had a love and passion for health, fitness, travel and hospitality. Erin is a 200hr RYT Certified Yoga Instructor graduating from The Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts. Erin is also a WPA certified Stand Up Paddleboard and SUP Yoga Instructor through Paddle into Fitness and is CPR and First Aid certified.

Erin has 20+ years of combined experience in tourism and real estate serving in property management, marketing, hospitality, real estate operations and event planning. Erin is Co-Owner/Co-Director of Santo Tomas Retreats with her sister Hanna. She also owns her own business giving SUP/SUP Yoga and Yoga lessons and Paddleboard excursions. She is thrilled to have her dream become a reality and share her love of adventure, yoga, health, paddle boarding and travel with others through Santo Tomas Retreats.