Page, Arizona


From the beautiful retreat home in Page, Arizona with million-dollar views of Glenn Canyon Dam, Lake Powell and the Colorado River, enjoy daily yoga and fun / awe-inspiring excursions, delicious vegan / plant-based cuisine for all meals, and one 60-minute massage. Come to adventure, explore, get pampered and nourish your mind, body and soul. Please note this retreat is only offered once a year on the set dates.


1st Excursion

Glen Canyon Dam

Page, Arizona overlooks the famed Glen Canyon Dam and scenic Lake Powell, which sits astride the Arizona / Utah border. You will visit the dam from the top at the Glen Canyon Dam Visitor Center and will also visit the bottom of the dam on a 30-mile boat tour on the Colorado River from Lee’s Ferry to Glen Canyon Dam and back.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is located 5 miles south of Page, Arizona. It is an incredible natural vista definitely worth a visit. The name was inspired by its unusual shape, a horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Just a few miles from Glen Canyon Dam and popular Lake Powell, the best view is from the steep cliff above Horseshoe Bend.

Horseshoe Bend’s overlook is 4,200 feet above sea level, and the Colorado River is 3,200 feet above sea level, which gives this scenic view a breathtaking 1,000-foot drop. You will walk 3/4 mile to view Horseshoe Bend from the cliff overlook. The short trail is paved and easy. Once you are at the overlook, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the view and take pictures. You will also enjoy a crystal singing bowl sound meditation to prepare you for the boat tour adventure around Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River the following morning.

YOGA – We will have a morning practice on the top on Glen Canyon overlooking Horseshoe Bend.

2nd Excursion

Half day tour to…

Colorado River Kayaking / Paddle Boarding

The 30-mile boat tour on the Colorado River from Lee’s Ferry to Glen Canyon Dam and back will be epic and possibly the best part of the retreat. Travel 15 miles on the Colorado River around Horseshoe Bend to Glen Canyon Dam to see the Dam from below.

Then travel back towards Horseshoe Bend and get off the boat to take a small hike to explore Petroglyphs.

Then stop at Boater’s Beach, a beautiful stretch of sand found downstream on the Colorado River from the Glen Canyon Dam to hike an approximately 0.25-mile round trip trail to see ancient Petroglyphs. Desert bighorn sheep, geometric shapes, and hunting scenes are all depicted on the impressive petroglyph panel.

You will stop just north of Horseshoe Bend and Kayak/paddleboard downstream (3/4 mile) around the most beautiful part of the canyon to enjoy Horseshoe Bend from its base. Guests can also choose to stay on the boat if they do not want to kayak/paddleboard.

You will have a picnic lunch and then practice yoga and a meditation on the canyon beach of Horseshoe Bend and then get back on the boats for a ride back to Lee’s Ferry.

YOGA – We will have our morning yoga class at on Horseshoe Bend next to the Colorado River.

3rd Excursion

Antelope Canyon

This tour offers a fully guided walk into the Upper Antelope Canyon. Guided tours are required to visit this gem.

There is plenty of time for everyone to take photos on this tour and also enough time to experience the canyon. Once you arrive at the canyon, you will be guided through the iconic sandstone walls, shaped by years and years of water and wind. A marvelous blend of color, shape, and majesty will strike you on this tour! The tour guide will show the places through the canyon to take memorable photos, and tell some history of the canyon, and some local history.

The walk through the canyon is a good 1/4 mile, once you have reached the end of the canyon you will then proceed to hike around the canyon – this hike does involve soft sand, stairs, and ramps, best to wear closed-toe shoes. With the new hike you arewalking a total of 3/4’s of a mile.