Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (better known as SUP) combines elements of surfing and kayaking in a fun, easy to do activity suited to all. You can stand, kneel, sit or lay down on the board to paddle and enjoy your experience.

Located on a pristine private beach of the Sea of Cortez, Santo Tomas offers the perfect location for a SUPer fun and incredible SUP experience. The sea is normally very calm with small waves which makes for an easy place to paddle (weather can be unpredictable and sometimes larger waves and a rougher sea when windy or stormy and other times the water can be glass with no waves at all).

The water is warm most of the year which is very pleasant if you fall in the water or choose to jump in. We offer a Sunrise SUP experience that is a truly a magical experience watching the sun rise over the sand dunes from your board on the tranquil sea.

Or you can take the boards out during the day when the sun is out. Dolphins often come and swim nearby which is incredible (its happens a lot but we can’t guarantee it).

No prior experience is required, we have experienced guides available to show the basic technique and provide any necessary assistance. Formal lessons are also available.
We are equipped with quality inflatable boards, paddles, leases and life vests that facilitate the possibility for all types of adventures including vigorous or chill paddling and even SUP Yoga when the sea is calm.